Who can imagine?

Who can imagine?

Are you a church attender? Is your church a Mega-Church in a big city or more like the church on Little House on the Prairie? Either way, living in America usually means we attend a nice church with nice chairs, real restrooms, air conditioning, heat, and a place to park.

Well, in Africa, it can be a very different story. I could explain in words but looking at the pictures on this website will speak volumes. I’ll take a leap and say that no one reading this blog post has ever attended a church service in a church like this.

There are three points to be made about attending church in Kenya Africa.

  1. The conditions are often “Difficult”. Often the weather dictates the condition of a church service as well as IF there will be a church service.
  2. A normal church service in Kenya is an All-Day Event! This is not a leave home by 9 and back by noon type of day. You prepare in so many ways.
  3. The people are overjoyed to be ABLE to attend a church service and Praise the Lord. Hearing the Word of God preached is something they look forward to all week long.

We can only imagine what it is like to be a Christian in Africa. Being a Christian is a serious commitment. As stated in a previous blog post, in the 20th century alone, 1.8 million Christian were martyred in Africa. Even today, Christians are often given the choice of renouncing Jesus, accepting another religion, or dying. All I can say is that earns my respect, in ways I really don’t want to think about. How can you not admire that commitment?

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