Our Mission

At Tradesman Hope Builders, it is our mission to help spread the message of Jesus Christ where small, underdeveloped churches struggle to meet the needs of others, their church. We work with established churches to be better equipped to feed and build the body of Christ.

Church Building is a practical and proven way to advance the gospel and accomplish the Great Commission. But more importantly, “It’s biblical?” Remember, God’s way of accomplishing God’s work is better than man’s way.

Tom Sheltraw

Success is only possible, with donors like you.

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. Hebrews 13:16

Our Goals

Rebuilding Churches

Lift up the body of Christ with support. Meaning, to help them rebuild their physical church infrastructure to enable them to expand their efforts in building the church body. By building a new church and giving them electricity, concrete, and a fresh look, they will experience a forward thrust that will encourage them to do more work for the Lord and invite more people to the church.

Promote Local Expansion

Rebuilding a church is just the start. The church might need a school. The church/school will need a playground. As attendance increases, there will be a need for additional structures and additional staff. And then an opportunity will present itself to assist in another village or community.

Create Self-Sustainability

It’s our desire to not only help set the people up for a further expansion of ministry efforts, but it is also our desire to create a business model that will help them be self-sustaining without additional funds needed. An example of this would be the school. The school charges a small fee for students to attend. This fee allows, the teachers to be paid and the lease to be renewed.

Quality Education

We want to provide kids with the opportunity to not only learn but to learn in a Christian environment. This education will help them in life to create greater opportunities to excel.

Create Jobs

Create job opportunities for the local Kenyan people. We do this by employing multiple teams of contractors to build the new churches. Every week, we have 1 to 2 ongoing projects that can keep a lot of people busy, full-time with multiple aspects of the construction.

Feeding Those In Need

Because of the pandemic, many individuals are finding it hard to get 2 to 3 meals a day. Some are affected more than others. It is our goal to help these people of God move past some of their financial hardships and keep their families fed.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe in the Great Commission as spoken by Jesus, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:19–20

Jesus gave this command before He ascended into heaven. The first action spoken in the Great Commission is to “GO”! We believe this is what Jesus expected from the apostles AND what he expects from those who followed after them.

The Great Commission is from the very Heart of God! We cannot all GO to the far reaches of the earth to spread the Good News but, maybe we can! We’re spreading the Good News, one church at a time.

How We Are Different

We are NOT Church Planters! We are Church Builders. Seriously, we build churches in locations often far from the suburban areas in Africa. Church planting usually provides “the” man of God to rally money and support to build a local church. Many pastors oversee multiple churches that are little more than poorly constructed one-room buildings on dirt floors. Not even of garage quality. Often there are no chairs, futons, tables, lights, or even bibles. But they have a preacher weekly.

Our calling is to Build out the already Planted church. Look up almost any organization that Plants Churches and they will admit that their mission does not include Building Out the church. Because every church has a unlimited reach, a church must reproduce itself at least once for God’s kingdom to grow.

Consider that more new people come to faith in new churches than in an established church. As a church ages, they tend to shift from striving for growth to serving those that attend often.

Simply put: We help established churches survive and grow.

What We Do, Exactly

We work with established churches to help them be better equipped to Feed and Build the Body of Christ. We make a positive impact on improving the local church building and property as well as building and setting up a community school for them to run.

Most of the pastors we help are not full-time pastors. They continue to support themselves with multiple jobs. They also support their church with money above the tithe. Most of the time, they wear many hats and perform all the duties of a normal church staff.

We look for and support the spiritual leader described in 1 Timothy 3:1–7. A church and pastor needs to be referred by a pastor that is currently known by us. He must have an established church with a congregation.

They must teach and believe the core doctrine of the Bible. They must be in good standing with other churches and the community. 

What Success Looks Like To Us

  • Success for us is seeing a local congregation expanding from 30 people to 100 people.
  • Success for us is seeing a new school with only the pastors’ children as students, expanding to 5 teachers and 50 students – not previously in school.
  • Success for us is watching a pastor working 3 different jobs move to the position of a full-time pastor. Granted, he might be the only church employee.
  • Success for us is receiving pictures of a church/school’s new playground filled with happy children.
  • Success for us is seeing a Holiday Celebration of church members sharing a meal provided by a donation from America.
  • Success for us is seeing a building with a concrete floor, open windows, and a roof that doesn’t leak.
  • Success for us is seeing a church full of people Sitting Down in new chairs with new Bibles to read and study from.
  • Success for us is seeing a nighttime activity at church with electric lights instead of only daylight time attendance.
  • Cooling down the congregation during the hot summer with 3 ceiling fans.
  • Encouraging the Body of Christ to expand and enjoy a new church building.

How You Can Help

Most Americans judge a church’s success by its size. In the Southern states of America, there are a lot of large, mega, and super-mega churches. The size of the church indicates its success as a church.

In Africa, an average size church plant has less than 30 members. Factors considered, at a four-year mark, the Sunday attendance could be around 45 people. That is, IF the church has never had the vitally needed improvements, meaning improvements to accommodate larger attendance. Imagine a church of 300 people in America becoming a Mega-Church without ever expanding in size.

Many people think that an attendance of 45 is not worthy of support. Why invest in anything so mediocre? Remember, when the Gospel is shared, the Gospel will spread.

By the way, they estimate that the average size of church membership in America is around 85 people. I’ve been to some of those churches, and I can tell you, their Praise and Worship time is truly moving.

Success Is Only Possible, With Donors Like You

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.
Hebrews 13:16

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