Find a Need and Fill It

Find a Need and Fill It

The story of Tradesman Hope Builders really starts many years ago with an unexpected love for the Sunday BBQ. I enjoyed the food shopping, the preparation, the cooking, and the plating as much or more than the eating of those family BBQ’s. On holidays I would find a family that might be struggling and preparing for a PB&J meal and fix a holiday meal with all the trimmings. True it took up a good part of my holiday celebration with my family, but I “encouraged” my family to participate. With 5 kids it was easy to have a volunteer for each stage of the big event meal.

I had one child help with all the shopping, teaching them as we shopped on how to buy the right amount of food for a large meal. There would not be time for an emergency shopping trip. There was a “Volunteer” to help set up the BBQ rig early in the morning and get the meat on for the Slow Cook to Perfection. There was another “Volunteer” to help cook and prepare the food for transportation. And there were always a few “Volunteers” to deliver the food and see the joy of helping others, just because you should.

And a funny side to this was that I rarely had “Volunteers” for the cleanup, but we worked it out. We tracked and alternated the 2-team cleanup crew, so duty only called every 2nd or 3rd holiday cookout.

It didn’t take long before BBQ House Ministries was created. There were no donations, no charges for the events we catered, and often we showed up unexpected to cook for First Responder in an Emergency situation. Every time we saw a need, we filled it.

And now we have a sister ministry, Tradesman Hope Builders. All the BBQing we did was somewhat local but with THB we went Global. We saw a need and started building churches halfway across the world. All I can say is, once you start seeing the needs, it’s hard to stop trying to fill those needs. God doesn’t NEED us, but He can sure USE us, if we let him!