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Everything about Tradesman Hope Builders is designed to “See a need, find a solution”. Church Planting is essential but without Church Building, growth will always be uncertain. We provide an answer for a problem most Americans never think about.

Who among us can imagine sitting on a dirt floor in a room with only curtains on the cut-out holes called windows with walls that are little more than cardboard, or rusty metal siding? And who in America can imagine those same people being cheerful and happy for the privilege of being in church? And a church service in Africa is normally a full day of worship. Who can imagine?

Pastors often have weekly side hustle jobs needed to pay for the needs of the church. The congregation tithes but it is often so little that the pastor needs to kick in their own money.

The Elements of a Build are the Foundation for

The men in charge of the work were diligent, and the repairs progressed under them. They rebuilt the temple of God according to its original design and reinforced it.  2 Chronicles 24:13

Demolition of the Old Structure
Construction & Framing
Concrete & Foundation
Electrical & Lighting
Food Distribution

Demolition of the Old Structure

Once an established church with a building and a congregation has been identified, we gather information, determine the condition of the existing structure, and present our findings for consideration. If the church structure budget is approved and money is released for the work, our team starts the Demolition of the old structure. The old structure is brought down, the land is cleared, and the property is ready for a new structure. The new church structure will be built in the same location.


Construction & Framing

The materials used in this process are wood poles, iron sheets(32g), and nails.

The measurements of the new structure are 26 ft X 40 ft. The construction crew takes measurements of the length, width, and diagonals. Holes are dug 5 ft. apart and wood posts are placed and cemented in.


Concrete & Foundation

The materials used in this process are ballast, sand, cement, and water.

Once the church structure construction is done, the next step is floor work.

The Ballast is a sand and coarse gravel mix. The Water is used to mix the cement and ballast. A consistent, smooth concrete is the result. This procedure is more difficult than it appears. Concrete is very sensitive to the ratio of ballast, cement, and water.

Electrical & Lighting

Electrical & Lighting

The materials needed are electric bulbs, wires, cable clips, air fans, electric appliances, etc.

We only use qualified electricians on all our projects. The first step is to do the wiring of the whole church. The electrical wiring is done first. There will be lights, ceiling fans, and outlets. A mini-panel and breakers are installed with power. The finished wiring is done with boxes installed for each device. The lights and outlets are wired and the ceiling fans are installed and their switches. Everything is tested and approved as ready for use in the new church building.



The materials needed for this procedure are gloss paints, hand brushes, and masking tapes.

After the church construction is completed, the next step is to paint the outside walls of the church building. The painting is done by professionals. The walls are cleaned and the first coat of paint is applied. After the paint has dried, a second coat is applied. The third and final coat gives the church a clean and clear finished look.



The church members do the inside furnishing of the church. Letting them express their ideas gives everyone a feeling of being involved in the building of their church as well as instilling pride in their house of worship.


Food Blessing & Distribution

We normally do food distribution to the church members who are financially challenged. We distribute food items such as maize flour, wheat flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, and soaps. Depending on the size of the church population and the funds allocated to that church for food distribution, we buy the food items and distribute them directly to the church members. We have seen a very positive response and appreciation from the church members.

Churches Already Built with the financial support of Tradesman Hope Builders

Church Name Town Pastor's Name
Destiny Connect ChapelKasarani Pastor Peter Maithya
Jesus Rescue MinistryKasaraniPastor George Kimanzi
Good Tidings SanctuaryChokaaPastor David Maithya
House of Salvation MinistryMwikiPastor Nicolas Kavuti
Tested Faith ChurchDandoraPastor Joseph Gitau
Beautiful Gate ChurchKayolePastor Thomas Ondieki
Ebenezer Christian ChurchMwikiPastor Benard Mburu
Voice of Transformation and Restoration MinistryMwihokoPastor Joshua Gamani
Upendo Reconciliation and Triumph ChurchZambeziPastor Paul Ambale
Gospel Commission ChurchSuntonPastor Pius Njuki
Kingdom Foundation MinistryMwikiPastor James Muturi
Life and Healing Gospel ChurchMeruPastor Jackson Kaloki
Life Equipping and Restoration MinistriesKisumuPastor Zakayo Mwikuu
East African Pentecostal ChurchKituiPastor Isaac Muli
Rebuilders of Gods AltarMumbiPastor Cyprian Wanjohi
Jubilee Restoration ChurchPipelinePastor  Wyclife Ndambuki
Power of Grace Christian ChurchMahiuPastor Imbrahim Kamau
Faith Apostolic ChurchKisumuPastor Samuel Achola
Word of Faith ChurchKakamengaPastor Simpson Ochango
Power of Grace ChurchNarokPastor Benson Karani
Rock of Christ ChurchChokaaPastor Alfonce Mutie
Lifebridge ChurchAthi RiverPastor Festus Mwau

How It All Started

Tradesman Hope Builders began in 2010 in Orange County California with a desire to be a witness and share the Love of God. Since then, the Lord has expanded our borders to include Africa.

Now the goal of our ministry is to facilitate the advancement of established local churches struggling to make a difference in the lives of the people they shepherd.

Our strategy comprises four primary components:

  • Build or Re-build the physical structures used for Praise and Worship, and teaching God’s word.
  • Equip those buildings with the necessary furnishings.
  • Supply many of the tools necessary to facilitate the completion of the Great Commission scripture.
  • Provide food support to strengthen Africans.
  • Establish a School for the local children.
  • Establish a Church/School playground for the children.
  • Provide the necessities for important Holiday Celebration.
  • Provide financial assistance with school tuition when needed.

Developing History

The following is Tom Sheltraw’s account of the early history of the Tradesman Hope Builders.

Ten years ago, while I was practicing the craft of BBQing, I had the opportunity to participate in cooking competitions at our local church. Soon after that, there were opportunities to provide BBQing for worthy local events. The area I live in has a history of natural calamities such as large-scale fires, mudslides, and earthquakes.

As one large fire was expanding on a local unpopulated area for many hours, I felt a need to provide food for the emergency responders working in the area. I bought a large supply of food and took the BBQ rig out to the fire command center. I set up and started cooking. Word spread around that there was free hot food and the men and women fighting the fire responded. That set into motion the vision of a ministry that could feed the bodies and the souls of the special people that serve and protect our cities.

After helping locally, the opportunity presented itself to help a struggling pastor of a small church in Kenya Africa. I couldn’t be there in person, so I did the next best thing. I helped build a church building, furnish that building, set up a playground, and provided food for holiday celebrations. We also extended the BBQ House Ministries in Africa by Proxy. We make it easier for indigenous churches and pastors in less developed areas of the world to spread the word and bring people to Christ. We help them minister in the midst of their poverty.

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